Let’s help you build a basic website in 24 hours or less!

Once you have completed the online registration process, login to your website backend and follow the steps below

Step 1: Get to know the page builder

Open your Pages Menu, Home Page, Edit with Page Builder and play around while you watch the video on the left.

Step 2: Insert a pre-built layout

This will simplify the page building experience and give you a beautiful and professional looking website.

Step 3: Add content to your page

Always start with content first. The pre-built layouts will help you see how where and how much content to add. Try to focus on your product or service search terms when writing headings and content as this will help your rankings in Google later on.

Images & Visual Styling

Step 4: Add or Create a Logo

Insert your logo by clicking on the logo at the top of your page and replacing the image. You can also create a logo on Canva.com or any logo maker website.

Step 5: Change Colours & Fonts

If you don’t yet have predefined colours to represent your brand, you can use the colour picker on Coolers.co to find some trending and compatible colour schemes.

Step 6: Insert or Find Images

There are tons of free websites that can provide you with free graphics to enhance your website. Simply Google “free images” and you’ll find a few.

Finalising your website

Step 7: Add Pages & Edit Links

Make sure all buttons and hyperlinks are pointing to the right places. Setup your menu

Step 8: Link or Register a Domain

Learn how to register a domain & link it or point an existing domain to your site

Step 9: Index your website on Google

List your business on Google search console so that Google will index your site.

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