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Architect web-enabled

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Scale 24/7 experiences

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Transform B2C e-services

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Pricing Plans

Page Building
  • 1 page – R2 000 ( includes the 10 products)
  • 5 page – R5 000 (includes up to 30 products)
  • 10 pages - R8 000 (Up to 50 products)
  • Additional pages R500 per page

The above does not include content, these would be based on client giving us the finished copy as well as images.

Content creation is R400 p/h (and this is generally an hour per page)

Store Building
  • Adding products - R10 per product
  • Store setup (shipping, payment, tax and order settings) - R1 200 ( this would normally be included with the building of the sites)
  • Migration (making sure everything is moved across on a shop, ensuring accuracy of products) R400 p/h ( this would normally be included with the building of the sites and number of hours is dependent on how many products there are)

Google Marketing
  • Google Adwords Campaign Management Once off Set Up Fee - R4 000
  • Monthly Campaign Management – R2 500 (2 Adword Campaigns). Includes:
  1. Keyword optimisation.
  2. Monthly Keyword research.
  3. Creation of ad campaign
  4. Weekly maintenance on your Google ad campaign.
  5. Maintaining your Google website quality score.
  6. Optimizing your google ad spend.
  7. Reporting
  8. Additional Campaign loading R800 per campaign (Keyword research, Creation of ad, Monitoring of campaign)

Facebook & Other Marketing

Facebook / Instagram Campaign Management Organic Management Options: • R3, 500 pm o 2 x Social Channels o 2 x posts per week per channel o 2 x Stories per week • R 4, 500 pm o 2 Social Channels o 3 x posts per week per channel o 3 x Stories per week • R6, 500 pm o 3 Social Channels o 4 x posts per week per channel o 4 x Stories per week All of the above options include the following: • Cover Pic • Content for each post • Creative for each post • Managing of page • Community management – To be revised as page grows and takes more time. • Basic Reporting Facebook & Instagram Advertising OR LinkedIn Advertising • 1 x Campaign on one of the above R1, 700 o Campaign strategy (campaign objective and goals) o Setting up of campaign o Setting Targeting o Messaging o Monitoring o Reporting o Setting up of pixels Retargeting Campaigns (Price on request) There are a few variables at play here.

Facebook & Other Marketing

Unlimited Storage, Priority chat, Smart Sync and lots of other features. Great for small businesses

We’ll make sure to only send interesting info, no crappy content or marketing fluff. Just the good stuff, promise!

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