Locally Promoting Your Small Business

Studies have shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has moved more customers to support their local businesses. It’s this new influx to local business that makes it the perfect time for you to promote yours. 

We have here 15 tips to help you in promoting your business the best way possible. Mainly broken into two stages, this action plan is dominated by reputation and recognition. One that must be maintained and the latter that must be earned. 

With these easy steps, you’ll have traffic in and out of your store in no time at all! 


01 – Perfect Service Delivery 

The heart of a successful business is always customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is a powerful advertiser for your new business and it mostly comes down to service delivery! Make sure to drive it with great customer experience. 

Service delivery also determines if your business retains more repeat customers. They are then more likely to recommend your store to people they know, which could indeed place you well in front of the competition. If you’re looking to give an even better impression, why not think about free delivery for orders over, let’s say, R500? 

Service delivery during a pandemic is another way to raise your customer retention. If your potential customers are made to feel safe with strongly enforced regulations, hand sanitizing stations, online shopping experiences and strict delivery protocols, they’re more likely to pay you a visit. 

Learn more about perfect delivery here


02 – Recognizable Branding 

Purchase a bit of real estate in the consumer’s mind with recognizable and consistent branding for your business. Go for something rather simple that is also easy for a consumer to recognise wherever they go. 

Your branding should be reinforced on all platforms. This goes for your signage, social media pages, invoices, packaging, emails and all other forms of advertising. 


03 – Get Your Mobile-Responsive Website Going!

The mobile-responsive trend is growing. In this day and age, almost everything is mobile. Think about it, if you want to search for a business, you reach for your phone instead of starting up your laptop. 

Get your mobile-responsive website up and running for your sales and promotional strategies to start working. Oxxle has a website builder to help you create your online store that works on all mobile devices. Time to get building! 


04 – Google Business Listing 

Let’s talk about attracting organic customers from search engines without spending a dime. Having a complete business listing makes it rather simple for customers to find your website and location upon opening a google search. 

Make sure to clarify your business telephone number, working hours, directions and customer reviews to help new clients find you!


05 – Local Online Directories 

Most cities are equipt with business directories and by getting your business listed, more customers are likely to find you. 

Make sure to get your business into the right directory by finding out which one is most used by your target audience. That way you can make sure you get the traffic. 

Try directories like:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Best Directory 
  • HotFrog 


06 – Micro-Influencers 

Micro-influencers on Instagram are a great way to promote your business. If they’re active and have a steady following, their rates is usually quite affordable. 

Try profiles with between 5000- 50000 followers to get started, that way you’re opening up to more potential customers. They’re called influencers for a reason, they post and their followers listen. 

Try Webfluential to get you started with your influencer marketing initiatives.


07 – Emailing lists  

Emailing is a great way to remind customers about your business and their experiences. Building an email list not only keep you in touch with your customers, but it also gives you an advertising platform!

This includes sending them information about sales, events, new items and anything else that could draw them into your business. 


08 – Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads are a great way of conducting traffic to your store. Facebook gives you the option to target specific consumers to ensure that you get what you pay for! Your ads will be going out to your desired target audience to make sure that your business gets the right amount of traffic.

Here is our guide to help you set up your Facebook page and integrate this with your shop to get promoting quick and easy! 


10 – Collect Reviews 

Reviews often determine if customers will try your business or not. Building a good relationship with your audience is a crucial part of retaining local business.  

Here are 4 great ways to use reviews as a promotional strategy for your business:

  • Have a testimonials page on your Oxxle shop
  • Enable Woocommerce reviews to show reviews on your product pages.
  • Make sure that you collect reviews on your profile on Google My Business

11 – Give Back 

If you start initiatives a giveback mentality with your community, you’re likely to grow a bigger following. If customers know that by supporting you, they’re supporting a good cause, they’re more likely to choose your local business. 

Think about ways that customers can actively help too. Look for gaps in your community that could use your help to show customers that you care about more than the money, you care about implementing change with the help of their business. 

Create awareness posts on your social media accounts to increase your customer reach! 

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